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Post-inspection is the verification of commercial documents and information on import and export transactions or subsequent commercial transactions of contracting parties by customs inspectors in their respective places to determine the accuracy of the declaration made to the customs administration after delivery of the goods, in accordance with Article 73 of Customs Law No. 4458. It is carried out to determine whether the real and legal persons comply with their obligations set forth in the customs legislation and other laws.

The company that is post-controlled is inspected and controlled not only in terms of customs duties, but also in terms of declarations of origin, tariff and value, all types of permits, accounting records, documents of origin and conformity with the conditions established by the regime.

As a result of the errors and deficiencies that occur during the follow-up inspections by the customs inspectors, difficult damages and criminal sanctions occur.

In this sense, foreign trade enterprises should pay close attention to the details of customs and foreign trade laws and practices. After that, they should prepare for follow-up inspections with an expert customs consulting firm, otherwise, enterprises should know that they are exposed to customs smuggling charges and it is very difficult to compensate penalties, loss of time and prestige.

Varyant Customs takes precautionary measures by identifying any negatives that may occur during post-audit and inspection.

As a result of the audits and inspections carried out by our company, the tax charges paid by many of our clients have been identified and ensured that they have been refunded.