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Customs consultancy is the first profession established by law in our country.

Customs Law No. 4458, which is the entire set of rules for foreign trade transactions, is the main source of law and application in Turkish customs issues. The purpose of this law determines the customs regulations for goods and vehicles entering and leaving the customs zone of the Republic of Turkey. According to Article 5 of Customs Law No. 4458, all persons may appoint a representative for their work in the customs administrations in order to realize the savings and transactions specified in the customs laws. This is the most important factor that foreign trade companies should pay attention to in customs consulting. Companies should choose a customs consulting company that has experience, reliable and accurate guidance, responsibility and skills, and provides fast and effective solutions for ethical value awareness. It should be remembered that a wrong choice and a wrong transaction can easily be assessed under customs penalties and smuggling. This will result in non-refundable costs, penalties, loss of time and prestige for your company.

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D.İ.İ.B. The tracking of investment incentive certificates and of documents in other public institutions and organizations.

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