Varyant regularly conducts customs and foreign trade training organizations within the customs consulting structure and in your office, and conducts studies that contribute to the development of knowledge and experience of both the companies it serves and their employees, as well as its own employees.

In these training sessions, participants receive theoretical and tactical information on customs laws and practices, consisting of experienced people who have hands-on experience in logistics and customs events, and lived examples and real experiences are explained. If you are interested in our constantly updated Schulugen and topics you are curious about, it is enough to contact us. 

Some of the organized trainings:

  • General definition of foreign trade
  • Delivery and payment methods
  • Import & export legislation and applications
  • Customs legislation and operating process
  • Product safety audit and CE applications
  • Inward processing and outward processing regime
  • Investment Incentive Legislation
  • Customs and non-tariff measures in foreign trade
  • ATR; origin and circulation documents
  • Smuggling legislation
  • Foreign exchange legislation
  • VAT and SCT legislation
  • YYS and OKS legislation
  • Definition and concepts of post control
  • Legal and criminal responsibilities in customs.