When you log in to the Variant Online Customs Portal with the password you received for our e-customs application, we offer many online services for your transactions, such as order tracking, information, digital archive, reporting, accounting and financial transactions, account statement, current information, Discharge Date.

The status of your current declaration

Detailed information about your declaration

Taxes and duties incurred

Closing of your transactions and leaving customs

Archive display with all attachments of your declaration

Your billing and checking account information

Monthly and annual reporting on your transactions

Reporting of your transactions on a country and company basis


We transfer all your files and documents related to your customs transactions to the digital environment.

By logging into the e-customs section of our website with the password we provide, you can access all your archives, view the documents, print and access all your documents from anywhere 24/7. In this way, your speed of reaching the documents before your documents reach you will be minimized.


We offer you the possibility to create all kinds of reports on your foreign trade transactions. On the graphical reports screen, you can get reports in many areas, such as statistical values based on the country and customs directorates, without having to create additional foreign trade reports within the companies.


You can check your entire account balance related to the customs procedure by logging into the e-customs section of our website with the password we provide you. You will be able to print the tax, VAT, warehouse, purchase order and consulting invoices you have paid and check your current account information.