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International shipping, also referred to as international transportation, refers to the movement of an item from one country to another. The international transportation can be done by land, air and sea. Varyant Gümrük, with more than 20 years of history in international goods transportation and international vehicle transportation, is active in the field of international transportation. A worldwide agency network has been established in cooperation with group companies and reputable partners.


To be a reputable, reliable and preferred company for logistics activities that is constant and in accordance with current conditions, open to change and has sustainable service principles

– We value that our working principles are principled, honest, open and consistent with our customers and competitors in the market conditions.

– We pay attention to and comply with the laws and general business ethics of our business.


We recognize the importance of transporting freight from the point of departure to the destination on time for our customers. It is our mission to achieve this.


With the agreement and organization with the international maritime companies, which have an effective and wide agency network, the service requests of our clients are quickly met. Our goal is to “provide excellent service in all conditions” and to be “indispensable”.


For you, our valued customers, we are available with an infrastructure and professional staff that can respond to all your transportation requests with the support of airlines and agency networks that have proven to be reliable worldwide.